Donation-based vigorous Vinyasa

to benefit the Brattleboro community.

All classes held at 118 Elliot St

Suggested donation $5-15

All levels vigorous Vinyasa yoga 

Mats & props provided


Class Schedule

September 2019 - May 2020 

@ 118 Elliot


TUESDAYS     4:30 - 6:00pm 

    with Sarah Dandelions

THURSDAYS  4:00 - 5:15pm

   with Laura Tabachnick

SATURDAYS  10:00 - 11:30am 

    with Emily Davis (1st Saturdays)

    Jonathan Kinnersley (2nd Saturdays)

    Laura Tabachnick (3rd Saturdays)

    Sarah Dandelions (4th Saturdays)

    Surprise teacher (5th Saturdays)


No Class 9/28/19 (Bratt Rock), 

No Class 10/19/19 (Bratt Lit Fest);


Always check our Facebook Page 

for weather-related cancellations.





I am seeking out sponsors in the form of rent at 118 Elliot.  In return, all Yoga Locally marketing for that month features the sponsor, the agreed upon beneficiary and applicable links to both.  

At every class marketing materials, coupons, etc. are set out to promote or highlight the sponsor and/or the beneficiary.  There is a Facebook event that you would be invited to co-host to help get the word out.  


Ideally, but not necessary, sponsors and beneficiaries do their own marketing for Yoga Locally classes as well. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor, Thank YOU!!! and PLEASE contact me.



Groundworks Collaborative

...Provides shelter, supplemental food, and comprehensive support services to families and individuals, many of whom are experiencing homelessness.

Planned Parenthood of Brattleboro

...provide comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual.

The Women’s Freedom Center
...Working to end domestic and sexual violence serving both Windham and Southern Windsor Counties in Vermont. A feminist organization committed to offering support and advocacy to survivors of violence, as well as prevention and educational activities to help create a community in which violence is not tolerated.

Turning Point of Windham County
...Offers a safe, supportive gathering place and peer-recovery services for people who are pursuing recovery from various addictions. The volunteer-led center offers peer support, recovery resources, and networking opportunities. The center is a community of hope.

The Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro
… To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.




Laura Tabachnick
RYT 500

Laura  can most often be found with a smile on her face.  She is a songwriter, a runner, a high school history teacher, a wife and a mom. 

Although she has practiced yoga on and off for many years, after experiencing a multitude of injuries while training for long running events, she turned to a daily yoga practice.  Since then, she has not only been injury free, but has also been able to incorporate her first college degree more fully into her daily life: a specialized study of creative arts, eastern religion and philosophy.  

Laura’s instruction encourages acceptance and self-compassion, and creates a safe space to simply be present.  She loves to create intense internal heat  a purifying sweat and a connection between breath and movement.  She loves teaching and is determined to bring yoga to all people.  Laura’s class encourages you to love yourself where you are, she will meet you there.


"Laura, you are an insanely gifted yoga teacher! What a fabulous class this morning. Beautiful space. Beautiful live music. Beautiful you! Looking forward to weeks to come ...."

Jonathan Kinnersley
RYT 200

Jonathan started his yoga trip with a book called "Teach yourself Yoga", in Scotland over 30 years ago. He was brought back to yoga in his 30s by back spasms, and started going to classes at a YMCA in Seattle, where he realized there was a whole lot he didn't know and couldn't do. But he liked the community, and that led eventually to him taking a teacher's course at an Ashtanga-influenced studio.

He sees yoga as a personal, every-day, down-to-earth quest to find our own connection with the universe, our neighbors and ourselves, and the physical poses (besides being fun and beneficial in themselves) as a way to test out and practice the yogic philosophy.

He gently encourages you to find a pose where you feel balanced, strong and relaxed at the same time, supported by the breath and present in every moment, regardless of whether you can "touch your toes". He is delighted to play a part in Yoga Locally's mission.

Sarah Dandelions
RYT 200

Sarah needs to get us a biography!


Emily Davis
RYT 200

Emily approaches her yoga  practice as a way to exercise deep listening and compassion; and yoga asana as a pathway to prime the body and mind for meditation and contemplation. 


She  offers  asana instruction that is fluid and free enough to allow the yogi to explore the messages that the body sends, which is unique to everyone.  Emily assembles ashtanga-inspired, heat-building sequences, with a healthy amount of strength building postures, and sometimes incorporates partner acroyoga instruction.

Emily is ruthlessly authentic and honors each persons's individual process in her class style. She believes in the wisdom of the body, and cherishes the relationship between  movement, cognition, and spirituality.

In a difficult world  with many opportunities for disconnection, Emily hopes to create spaces of unity and compassion, both internally and in community.  


"By now, you must know what a great space 118 Elliot is, but did you know that on Tuesdays at 5 PM and Saturdays at 10:15 AM it turns into a fab yoga studio with free parking and air conditioning?

And the class is by donation with the awesome Laura Tabachnick. She is like a velvet hammer---she can challenge the experienced yogis and nurture the beginners with a great Vinyasa flow that will make you feel alive!

Your donation supports local non-profits, so come on out and Yoga Locally. Trifecta!"

Michelle, yogi & runner

"Yoga has always been something I wanted to do on a regular basis, and I have tried several different classes and instructors, but I've never stuck with it until Yoga Locally.

Laura's approach makes yoga accessible to various levels and abilities, her directions are very clear, her voice is calming, her attitude is warm and welcoming.  

Laura offers accommodations for most poses, and will come and adjust to make sure you are getting the most out of each stretch.  The live music and the mini massages at the end are added bonuses to an already outstanding class!"

Michele, marathon runner


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Laura Tabachnick 

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